10 Steamy Sexting Ideas For an Explosive Date Night

Targeted foreplay is in the details of how you walk, talk, and communicate with your partner. It stimulates tension and desire on both ends and sustains a healthy intimate pulse in your relationship.

We all know that nothing builds the anticipation of a rewarding night of sexual gratification quite like some spicy foreplay. But did you know that foreplay doesn’t always involve touching? Targeted foreplay is in the details of how you walk, talk, and communicate with your partner. It stimulates tension and desire on both ends and sustains a healthy intimate pulse in your relationship.

A great way to feed the desire of your upcoming love session is to send your mate texts throughout the day. Subtle, flirty messages aimed at getting your lover excited and hinting at the fun activities they can expect later on can be thrilling and fun for both of you.

The key is to send the messages in a strategic order that sets the proper tone and pace for the main event. Begin with simple, seemingly innocent messages, then escalate their intensity as the day progresses to create the electricity you’ll need to coast you right into the bedroom – if you make it that far.

If you’re curious about how sending a simple message can stoke the fire between you and your partner, read on for easy tips that are sure to pay off when your time alone together finally arrives.

Tip #1 Send him sexy lyrics to your favorite love song or an audio file of you singing it seductively. Whether it’s Marvin Gaye, Jodeci, or Jill Scott, find lyrics that accurately express how you feel about making love to your partner. Better yet, send him a message about what you plan to do to him tonight!

Tip #2 Let them know how sexy he looked this morning or the last time you saw him. Be specific about what he was wearing or how he smelled. There’s nothing sexier than knowing your lover was paying attention without you noticing.

Tip #3 Describe your underwear or something else that makes you feel sexy. For example, I’m wearing that black lacy thong you like. Or: My calves are flexing just right in my f-me pumps right about now. Can’t wait for you to take them off of me – or…leave them on.

Tip #4 Boost his ego. Tell him what you find sexiest about him and how he turns you on. Talk in detail about the part of his body you can’t wait to touch, feel, or taste.

Tip #5 Sprinkle in some flirty, colorful metaphors. Have fun with it! And make sure it involves both of you, like I can’t wait for you to come and put this fire out with that hose of yours!

Tip #6 Revisit the favorite things you did the last time you were intimate. Describe it in full detail, then tell him exactly how you plan to scale up and take it to a whole new level.

Tip #7 Tell him what you’ve done to prepare for the evening. I’ve been ladyscaping and she’s prepared to be devoured. I’ve painted these toes and they’re ready to be sucked. I have a brand new lingerie set for tonight and I can’t wait for you rip it off.

Tip #8 Talk that shit! Tell your lover exactly why you’re the best he’s ever had. Let him know that you have just what it takes to please him. Remind him of a time you made him lose control. The more specific the details, the better.

Tip #9 Send tasty pics he’s never seen with a sexy, fun caption. They can be tasteful. Intriguing pics don’t have to include nudity or be compromising. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable, whether that’s a picture of your f-me pumps, a hint of cleavage, or a shot of those full, lip gloss-coated lips. Just make sure it highlights his favorite feature of yours in some way.

Tip #10 Let him know about something you plan to do to him tonight. It could be a striptease, oral sex, or simply rocking their world. Be descriptive and more detailed as the time draws closer. But remember not to over-promise or underdeliver. No one has time for a tease.

Bonus Tip: If you really want to elevate his anticipation, don’t acknowledge any of his responses. Instead, leave him hanging, eager, and intrigued for your next message. If he calls you, feign innocence or confusion and change the subject.

So work in a little self-care and throw your inhibitions to the wind, because by the time he gets to see you, the only thing that’ll be on his mind is how desperate he is to devour you.

Have fun!



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