How to Keep Your Long-Distance Relationship Blazing

Life will likely divide you and your boo at some point in your relationship. Learn how to keep it sexy in the meantime!

Your attitude will be everything when it comes to determining whether it will work. Will you get lonely from time to time? Yes. Will you become frustrated or impatient with the situation at times? Yes. Will you miss holding them, snuggling, and feeling their arms around you? Absolutely! But I can’t think of a more romantic gesture than someone remaining committed and devoted to you, regardless of the distance between you. So stay strong, girl. Besides, these days, long-distance relationships look much different. There are plenty of creative ways to keep in close contact with one another. Of course, you’ll have to rely on some tips and tricks for keeping things exciting, hot and steamy until you’re in each other’s arms again. The sexual tension will undoubtedly be on high, so you’ll need to employ some out-the-box methods to ensure each of you remain engaged and satisfied and defy the demands of distance. The following tips will help lighten the long-distance load, while keeping things fun and interesting between you.

Create a playlist of songs with meaningful lyrics to share. Take some time to think of all the songs that make you think of your lover. Not just because it’s a hit song on the radio that’s one every few minutes, but because of the meaning behind the words. Think of how the words make you feel captivated and how they remind you of your boo. Then, explain why each song made the list. As a result, it will feel good to know that whenever they listen to these songs, they will automatically appreciate how much they mean to you.

Send love letters in the mail. Go old school and write letters! Instead of telling your boo every single thing that happened in your day, save some of it for a letter. As you write, let them know how much better it would be if they were there with you. If they could hold you each evening and melt away all the stress of the day away. Let them know how much you anticipate the next flight or drive that will lead you to them. What is the first thing you’ll do when you get there?

Send audios. Record a voice memo that captures the longing in your heart and email or text it to them. If you can carry a note, sing them a verse from a love song. If not, recite a line from your favorite poem or song. Or, you can always send them a freaky little message to tide them over until the next time you can talk on the phone or video chat.

Share a pair of your favorite lingerie. If your lover is going on a long trip, tuck a piece of your unmentionables in their luggage. Or if you’re feeling froggy at the post office, send a piece of your favorite lingerie to them in the mail. You can pluck it right out of your drawer and spray it with your perfume or wear it around the house for a bit before sending it off. You better believe that thoughtful little gift will go a long way!

Role play, baby. Set up an opportunity to role play with your lover over the phone or on a video chat. Be whoever you want to be and say whatever you feel like saying. It could be your first conversation that will lead to an all-night discovery about each other’s wildest dreams and goals. Take advantage of the freedom you each have to express what is exactly on your minds without the perceived pressure of judgment. Have fun, release your inhibitions and fully explore the things you’ve always wanted to try. This is your chance to open the door to all types of intimate possibilities for your next visit or when you reunite.

Mutually please yourselves together. After some fun role playing, you will both be ready to take it to the next level. Video is always a great choice. Make the same effort in setting the ambience and your appearance as you would if they were there in person with you. Start off with nice music, a sexy outfit and great lighting. A nice eye-level strip tease is a great way to set the mood. Talk to them to keep them engaged, then either put the camera on the floor or kneel on the bed to give them a full view and you are the star of the show. Make sure they remain glued to their screen the entire time.

If video isn’t available, never underestimate the power of a vivid imagination. Use descriptive words to create the proper imagery in their mind. Tell them exactly what you are doing, how you are feeling, and what you are thinking. Make them feel like they are right there with you. Let them hear every sound, do not hold back. Keep them aware of the exact effect they are having on you. Involve them in the entire process and encourage them to join in, if they can. Have them explain what they are doing and what they wish they were doing. 

Although long-distance relationships aren’t ideal or easy, they are possible to maintain with dedication and determination. Paired with the conviction to make things work, these tips can help fuel your willpower to persevere and keep your passion alive. 



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