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Beauty Betrayed

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If you’ve read my novel, Beauty Betrayed, and you’re ready to discuss all the craziness you’ve encountered while learning all about Patience and Lennox’s love story, click here to download the book club discussion questions.

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Beauty Betrothed

Well, hello gorgeous! My name is Zariah L. Banks, author of novel, Beauty Betrayed. You’re here, so that likely means you’ve read it and are interested in knowing more about Patience and Lennox’s love story. I’m excited to inform you that you’ve landed in the right place! Now here’s the tea.

The novella Beauty Betrothed picks up where Beauty Betrayed left off as book 1.5 in the “Beauty Is Her Name” series. It bridges Beauty Beheld (Book 1) to its sequel Beauty Betrayed (Book 2). So, if you haven’t read Beauty Betrayed, please do so before enjoying your complimentary copy of Beauty Betrothed.

*Don’t forget to join the waiting list to get your free copy of the novella, Beauty Betrothed, when it is released. It picks right up where Beauty Betrayed left off as book 1.5 in the “Beauty Is Her Name” series!

In the meantime, don’t forget to download the Beauty Betrayed book club questions above to discuss with your book besties. I’ve also added some fun book club apps and cocktails recipes for your virtual or in-person meetup below.

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It’s time to link up with your book besties to discuss your latest read! All you need is a time, a place, and some tasty snacks to munch on. If you’re just here for the free recipes, click here.

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