(My Why)

Zariah L. Banks

Oh, hey! 

I guess you’re wondering who’s the face behind these emotional intimacy and relationship blogs? Well, first, let me clarify a few things. What I am not…is a psychologist, a therapist, a relationship expert or anyone trained to give you professional advice about your relationship or emotional health. What I am…is a woman who’s been through some things. I’ve been betrayed many times by men claiming to love, respect, and adore me. I’ve had some trust issues and have caused some hurt to others by being on the offense. This is all due to experiencing dishonesty and dishonor by past partners. 

Can you relate?

I’m also an emotional intimacy writer using a pen name and a soon-to-be author. I focus on vulnerability, healthy self-expression, and nurturing intimacy in long-term relationships in an effort to promote better communication and prevent transgressions in relationships. I create flawed characters in my stories because I happen to be beautifully human in a world full of perfect people (catch that sarcasm).

If you’ve found yourself scrolling through social media and caught feels because your relationship or self-image isn’t as pristine as the #Instamodels and #relationshipgoals couples on your timeline, you may be one of my people!! Welcome!

I have a passion for exploring what lies beneath the picture-perfect lives we feel pressured to present to the world. I’m on a lifelong journey of discovering how to truly make myself and my partner happy and fulfilled. You’re welcome to join me for this wild, fun ride. The moral of my blogs is to accept that your flaws make you unique and shape exactly how you show up in this world. So if you can find someone to love you in your natural state (no filters, no angles, just your own raw gloriousness), well, Sis, that’s a solid win! 

I invite you to settle in for some good reads and hopefully you’ll learn more about yourself while discovering how to prioritize what really matters to you.

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Talk soon!

Emotional Intimacy Author