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Adult Contemporary Fiction Author

of Beautifully Complicated Love

Welcome to your home away from home.

Hey, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a bestselling, multi-award winning contemporary romance author who focuses on emotional intimacy. My novels feature flawed main characters who are committed to doing the necessary shadow work for healing and clearly defining the terms of the love they want. I also create safe spaces for women to embrace their beauty and uniqueness in my blogs. If nothing else, I want you to know that you deserve to be loved unconditionally. You will find the tools to give and receive the love you possess and deserve right here.

In addition to writing romance novels that make women of all backgrounds feel seen and appreciated, I blog on self-love, feeding the passion in your romantic relationship, and maintaining sexual chemistry to help you focus on the benefits of being your beautiful self. If you find a blog particularly helpful, please leave a comment or shoot me an email via the contact page. Love from my people is what keeps me motivated to turn off reality TV and get back to writing!

~ Peace and prosperity,

My debut contemporary women’s novel, Beauty Beheld, has been making waves!

Here’s what people are saying:

“Banks dramatizes [unresolved issues] with power and weight, connecting readers to the individual humanity of these characters.”

– Booklife Reviews by Publisher’s Weekly

“I needed this story to remind me that good stories still exist and great writing can still be found.”

– Stony Rhodes, #1 Amazon bestselling author

“A story of hurt and healing, love, family, friendships, and forgiveness.”

–  Dawn M., NetGalley Reviewer


Beauty Beheld: A Beauty is Her Name Novel

Life is practically perfect for Patience Hampton. She enjoys her challenging work as a voice actor, has a supportive network of family and friends, and is expecting a proposal from her long-term boyfriend, Daniel. But, when Patience is blindsided with shocking news, in an instant, everything she’s placed her trust in comes crashing down.

While recovering from her explosive breakup, Patience is finally determined to focus on defining happiness. So, when she crosses paths with Mr. Charisma, Lennox Davenport, while on a business trip out of town, she’s open to spending the night with the handsome stranger. Lennox is everything Patience didn’t know she needed: assertive, encouraging, inquisitive, and has a sex appeal that leaves her senseless. As their interactions quickly intensify, she realizes she doesn’t know herself at all.

Patience wants much more from her casual relationship with Lennox and begins recognizing how the relationship residue left by an absent father and a manipulative ex poses harm to her growth, healing, and happiness. Is she ready to finally release her emotional baggage and love freely? Or will her toxic habits resurface to sabotage yet another chance of finding real love with the man who has finally managed to behold her beauty within?

Beauty Beheld is a Multi-Award Winning Novel!

The Bookfest® has selected Beauty Beheld as the First Place Winner of the Multicultural Romance award and Second Place Winner for the Contemporary Romance award! Beauty Beheld has also placed second for the Firebird Book Award in African American Fiction!

Other Books By Zariah

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Blogs That Hit Home

Created with thriving self-love and romantic emotional connections in mind, these blogs will fill your cup with love, strength, and power. Then, and only then, sis, can you serve the ones you love with the overflow from your saucer. Grab a mug (or glass of wine) and settle in for a few good reads.

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Writing complicated love stories for women who believe true love still exists.

Electric stories touching on physical, emotional, and personal intimacy.